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Our team is made up of artists, historians and travelers. We believe that in order to understand the value of something, you must be able to see, touch and experience it. Therefore, we travel across Turkey and beyond to meet with local artisans and experience their craftsmanship first hand, bringing back not only the item, but the story behind it. 


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Servicing the San Fernando Valley Since 1999

Welcome to Mr. and Mrs. Neat Freak. 
We have been organizing homes since 1998.  It all started when we realized being a neat freak isn't so bad after all.  How many of you can actually find specific items in your your home when you need them?  Well our friends and family would come over to our house and ask us to find an item and we would find it right away.  They would actually make jokes about how neat our home is.  We realized we should go into business organizing other homes.  Ten years ago, this wasn't so popular, but now everyone wants to be organized. Don't YOU want to be able to find things in your home or find the time to go through your mail?  We know it's difficult to throw things away or find a place for something.  Since we have life long experience organizing ourselves, we know we can organize our clients too.  We work as a team most of the time, but also individually.  We both have 'different jobs' when we organize.  Mr. Neat Freak is great with paperwork, filing, tax questions, and moving heavy items.  Mrs. Neat Freak is great for making it fun, going through the piles of paperwork, clothes in your closet or on your bed, and arranging things in an orderly way.  Together, we help the process go more smoothly. 
Read below from what our clients have to say!

I am an extremely busy man.  I own 4 restaurants and have 3 children.  Mrs. Neat Freak helped me go through my unopened mail from the past 2 months and made color coded files.  I now pay my bills on time and have time to play with my children.  I look forward to seeing her every 3 months to maintain some of the paperwork that I don't have time to finish.  I trust her to go through my private papers too!  

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Neat Freak- Job Well Done. I use Mr. and Mrs. Neat Freak for my new listings and sales!  They help my clients get all the clutter off the counters so the house shows well for potential buyers!  My clients use them for packing and unpacking too.  I give my clients Gift Certificates for their services. (Rodeo Realtor)

 Wow! after Mr. and Mrs. Neat Freak worked in our garage, we actually ate lunch in it.  We opened our garage to see our beautiful views!  Thank you so much for everything.
 We have a 3 car garage and before they came, only boxes were piled in our garage.  In 3 months and hard work, I now have myboxeslabelled and can fit 2 cars comfortably.  They went through hundreds of boxes.. some very valuable and fragile.  I can't thank them enough.  Reliable, trustworthy, dependable, and down to earth! 

I work for a celebrity and have lots of memorable items.  They are so cautious and careful.  They are so easy going and make organizing my home so much fun.  I count the days until I can call them again. They helped me with my recipes and photos too! here.