• Drowning in paperwork?
  • Overwhelmed by clutter?
  • Getting ready to move or unpack?
  • Can't find what you are looking for?
  • Wish you could spend more time with friends/family?
  • Unable to keep your children's items in one area?
  • Running out of space?
  • Feeling a little down at times?​​

   Well if you answered yes to above, it's time to

   call Mr. and Mrs. Neat Freak   (818) 708-2468

   TIME TO CALL US     A feeling of ahhh!       An organized room and bookcase :)




Once we have a plan of how we will organize your home, we will work together and decide  what you want to do with your items. Are you donating, giving to friends/family, throwing away, or keeping them.  We will put your items away as planned and you will start to feel less stressed and more organized.  Remember your home didn't get like this in 12 hours, so please understand you can't finish a home in 4, 8 or 12 hours.  You may need us to come by a few times.  The good news is that after the first session, you will feel much better.  

Welcome to

Mr. and Mrs. Neat Freak


Mr. and Mrs. Neat Freak will help you organize your home by carefully sorting out your piles of paperwork or 'stuff'.  We will come up with a plan and start organizing your home.  We are working with you most of the time.  We will not throw items away until you say it is okay to do so.  Once we are done, you will be able to manage it on  your own, but it's best to have us come back quarterly just to maintain it.  :)

​​​​​​​​Your Personal Organizers
Servicing the San Fernando Valley Since 1999 

(818) 708-2468 or text us at 818 943-2100


We listen! We discuss with you what is best. 

We make sure everyone understands the process of what will be going on. We give you motivation and a positive vibe.  We help you with ideas and how to be clutter free.  We are honest, hard working, and dedicated.  We have lower rates than most personal organizers. 

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